Desert physical keypads.
Go digital.

PaperPads makes physical keypads for radiological imaging reviewing and reporting a thing of the past. Our new multifaceted tablet revolutionizes the market by converting all existing physical keypad options onto one digital platform solution. In addition to offering standardization, we also provide individualized and customized digital designs for each user so you'll no longer need to invest in different physical keypads that work for specific systems. This unique customization is built with the clinicians' needs in mind. This ergonomic tablet is an invaluable tool for Radiology and Breast Imaging Departments. Our workflow manager helps you effortlessly access any keypad solution in no time – making your job easier in the process. For the first time ever, keypads for viewing images, creating custom reports, and shortcut keys for dedicated viewers are available on the same device. Instead of investing in multiple physical keypads, you can now digitally access every one of them from a single tablet. PaperPads provides you with all keypad designs together in one unique solution. Please request a demo so you can experience our Concierge Radiology Workflow Manager.

Work Faster, Smarter, & Simpler

Streamline your workflow
No more bouncing back and forth between keypads.
Image viewing made easy
This keypad lets you look at and zoom in on images.
Speed up processes in seconds
Use shortcut keys for dedicated viewers.
Customized for you
Tailor your keypad to fit your needs.
Tech Specs
Large display and USB connectivity
Infinite keypads, incredible impact
PaperPads are changing how doctors’ work.

Infinite keypads, incredible impact

Unique keypads

Need a custom keypad? We can build that for you.


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